LTC Rolt A Bibliography
New extended edition (revised by Tim Rolt & Andrew Thynne)
Published 2013 by REM
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LTC Rolt a bibliography is the definitive catalogue of LTC Roltís output as a writer. Based on the work begun by Ian Rodgerson, Gordon Maxim and Sonia Rolt in 1986, and continued by Mark Baldwin in 1994, this latest edition covers more than five hundred of Tom's publications, ranging from the better known books on engineering history, transport and biography, through lesser known works of fiction and philosophy, to book reviews, articles and letters. It also contains a rapidly growing section listing works by others writing about Tom Rolt (see Contents page, 15K PDF).

The book is lavishly illustrated with over fifty pictures of book covers, with an emphasis on early and rarer editions from the rich period of the nineteen fifties and early sixties. Many of these covers whilst redolent of their era are works of art in themselves. The book also contains many previously unseen photos of Tom Rolt.

Whilst LTC Rolt A Bibliography lists all of Tomís published output, this handsomely produced book is not just aimed at Rolt scholars and completionists. The 76-page paperback (240x190mm), with its five new introductory pieces and many illustrations, makes a fascinating introduction to Tom Rolt and his world. Download a typical page from the Bibliography (170K PDF).

"Early into the new millennium my mother Sonia, purchased a box containing the remaindered copies of the last 1994 edition of the bibliography along with notes for further suggested inclusions, sent in over the years, to Mark Baldwin. This box has provided much that we now include in this new publication. We have added ninety-four new entries, at least fifty revisions to existing entries and expanded the index considerably.

No small part of an appreciation of his books comes from the covers themselves. Tom took a great deal of trouble with the presentation of his books and many of the covers were specially commissioned from friends and associates. The covers themselves have stories to tell. I have tried to include reproductions of as many of the book covers as possible; sometimes as a history of one title over time, sometimes just for the pleasure engendered by these cover works themselves."
Tim Rolt in his foreword to the 2013 edition

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See the full list of titles of LTC Rolt's major works.

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