The History Press are releasing in February 2017 separate volumes of Tom Rolt's Autobiography, known collectively as 'The Landscape Trilogy'. The three volumes in the series are: Landscape with Machines, Landscape with Canals and Landscape with Figures.


LTC Rolt - A Bibliography, published in 2013, can be ordered from this website. This handsomely illustrated book, with five new introductory pieces and many illustrations, makes a fascinating introduction to Tom Rolt and his world.

Audio books

Railway Adventure is the first of Tom Rolt's books to be made available as an audio book. it is available exclusively from Amazon. Find out more

The LTC Rolt Collection

Sonia Rolt, the writer's widow, was concerned to see that Tom Rolt's books remain in print and available. She had success with a number of publishers over the years since his death in 1974.

Many of the books have been re-published by the History Press. January 2010 saw the launch of nine re-issued titles known as The LTC Rolt collection. The titles currently available from the History Press are:

The covers of most of these re-issued titles are illustrated on the right. Click on the titles or the covers to see details of each book.

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'A Canal People' by Sonia Rolt

'A Canal People' by Sonia Rolt and Robert Longden See also the recently re-published book by Sonia Rolt, titled A Canal People, featuring photographs of life on the British canals in the 1940s and 50s.

This book too is published by the History Press.

'Landscape with Canals' - new cover 'LTC Rolt: A Bibliography' - new cover
'George and Robert Stephenson' - new cover 'Green and Silver' - new cover
'Narrow Boat' - new cover 'Clouded Mirror' - new cover
The Balloonists - new cover 'Red for Danger' - new cover
'Landscape Trilogy' - new cover 'Victorian Engineering' - new cover
'Sleep No More' - new cover 'Railway-Adventure' - new cover
'Thomas Telford' - new cover Brunel: a pocket biography - new cover
'Narrow Boat' - new cover From Sea to Sea - new book cover
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