the story of a town

  • New Edition by Faber & Faber 2015
  • First published by Constable 1954
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Arguably his most visionary work, Winterstoke is reissued by Faber Finds with a new introduction featuring his widow Sonia, and son Tim.

"It had always struck me that, despite its overwhelming importance in the story of mankind, far too little attention had been paid to the Industrial Revolution in the worlds of literature and art...

I conceived the idea of concentrating a number of actual historical happenings in the English Midlands upon one imaginary industrial town...from the days of the first monastic mill on the river to the present day when the presence of an atomic research establishment on the outskirts of a huge blackened town struck a new apocalyptic note...I called my imaginary town Winterstoke."
Tom Rolt, writing in 1972

Winterstoke - new book cover

Winterstoke - original book cover
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