Sleep No More

  • Re-issued by The History Press in January 2010
  • Re-issued by Green Books in 1988
  • First published by Constable in 1948
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Sleep No More" has also been published as an e-book by Ash Tree Press, August 2012 (see below).

"Tom Rolt's centenary in 2010 sees the re-issue of a tranche of his many books, revealing his passions, obsessions and intricate knowledge of whatever subject he was turning his had to at the time.

There was nothing flowery about Tom Rolt, though he indulged a different side of himself by writing some cracking short ghost stories, as in Sleep no more: Railway Canal and Other Stories of the Supernatural".
Susan Hill in The Lady

Rolt, writing in Landscape With Figures, describes the publisher's reception of the manuscript for Sleep No More:

"Michael Sadleir’s reception of this modest collection of stories was so extravagant that it quite went to my head. He hailed me as the successor to M R James whose Ghost Stories Of An Antiquary I first read at the age of eight and at five yearly intervals ever since.

The 2010 edition of Sleep No More represents a very welcome addition to the books in print.

E-edition of Sleep No More

Sleep No More is also available in a new e-edition by Ash-Tree Press (British Columbia, Canada) and includes two new stories, House of Vengeance and The Shouting, with Rolt's 1956 essay, The passing of the ghost story.

It features an introduction by Christopher Roden and includes a reproduction of Joanna Dowling’s jacket design for the original 1948 edition.

The Kindle edition can be downloaded from Amazon.

Sleep No More - new book cover

Sleep No More - original book cover

Sleep No More - ebook
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