Railway Adventure

  • Re-issued by The History Press in January 2010
  • Re-published by Sutton Publishing in 1971 and 1992
  • Published by Pan in paperback in 1962
  • Further editions by David & Charles, Phoenix House in 1961
  • First published by Constable in 1953
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Rolt was one of a small group of amateur railwaymen who made their dream of running their own railway come true and his graphic and often amusing account of this unique achievement is a record of individual enterprise and creative effort, as refreshing as it is rare.

"Railway Adventure is a very full and fair account of the first two years of the world's first successful take-over and restoration of a moribund railway by enthusiasts and volunteers. The main object of the book at the time was, of course, to help publicise and assist the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Societyís cause. In this it succeeded ...

... Tom's cause was, as it turned out ... to reverse the fashion to centralise and nationalise; to restore the tradition of self-supporting local concerns in which people could take legitimate pride and achievement. To get away from conformity and dependence. In fact to work towards some of the ideals that were later grouped under the banner 'small is beautiful', but more than that: to enlarge the duty, and joy, of living. The world has begun to change, and it is moving now in Tomís direction."
John Snell, in his foreword to the 1992 edition

"Tom had a wonderful gift for seizing upon the essential elements of the story and immortalising them in perfectly chosen words."
Owen Prosser The Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society.

"Today there are upwards of one hundred preserved railways and steam centres across the country, and in some small way all of them owe a debt to LTC Rolt and his accomplices, whose indomitable pioneering spirit and willingness to accept the call of adventure left an extraordinary legacy for future generations."
HRH Prince Charles in a forward to a programme celebrating Fifty Years Of The Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society.

Audio edition of Railway Adventure

A brand-new audio version of Railway Adventure, read by Malk Williams, is available exclusively from Amazon. This is the first of LTC Rolt's books to be produced as an audio edition. Buy a copy from Amazon.

E-edition of Railway Adventure

Railway Adventure is also available as a Kindle edition published by Kemsing Publishing 2013. This new edition features more than eighty high-resolution historic photographs of the line and the people and trains who worked on it in the early fifties.

The Kindle edition can be downloaded from Amazon.

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Railway Adventure - ebook cover

Railway Adventure - Audio book cover
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