Victorian Engineering

  • Re-issued by The History Press in January 2010
  • Re-issued by Alan Sutton in 2007
  • Originally published by Allen Lane/Penguin Books in 1970
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Behind the familiar concept of Victorian Britain as the workshop of the world lies a complex story of invention, achievement and unfailing optimism. In Victorian Engineering LTC Rolt, biographer of Brunel, the Stephensons and Telford, produced a lively and wide-ranging survey of the revolutionary engineering feats in Victoriaís reign.

The book combines the fascination of the individual achievement - Stephenson's Britannia Bridge over the Menai Straits, Paxtonís design for the Crystal Palace, the Severn Tunnel and the London sewage system - with the crucial questions of how industrialisation takes place and how it changes the environment.

"Victorian Engineering, written over thirty years ago, still stand as the best, most readable survey of a period that continues to fascinate and enthrall us."
Julia Elton (President of the Newcomen Society) in her foreword to the 2007 edition

Victorian Engineering - cover of the new edition

Victorian Engineering - original book cover

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