Centenary route of the 'Heron', 2010

The Heron's route, 2010

The narrow boat 'Heron' retraced the route of 'Cressy' in the 1940s, famously described in LTC Rolt's Narrow Boat.

The voyage started in Banbury on 24th April 2010, and followed the route marked in red, arriving in Chester on June 25th for the centenary celebrations there.

'Heron' then followed the route south marked in green on the map, arriving at Beale Park on the Thames on 28th/29th August, for the IWA (Inland Waterways Association) National Festival boat rally, which was held this year in honour of Tom Rolt.

The Heron,2010

At Foxton Wharf, April 2010. From left to right: Mary & Ron Heritage, proprietors of 'Heron'; Sonia Rolt; Rosita Page, Vice-Chairman Market Harborough Council; Councillor Blake Paine; Michael Beech, archivist of the Foxton Inclined Plane Trust

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